Barbara Hobens

Historic Garden Design

"History is where you are standing," I said standing in Thomas Jefferson's vegetable garden as I began my lecture at Monticello in 2013. "Every place you stand has history. There is history made by who once lived, passed through, fought and or died on or maybe the history lies in the geology, myth, or mystery of a place."

Researching the property your home is on is fascinating and personal.  For your towns' treasured historical residences, an historical reconstruction of what the gardens looked like bring history alive to visitors.  Always, the research in what plants were grown and what native plants once thrived bring a understanding of what will thrive naturally with minimal maintenance..  

Immigrants Gifts, Hudson River Park, New York, NY

Garrit Striker, DeWitt Clinton Park, New York, NY
Anna B. Warner's Vegetable Garden, Constitution Island, NY
Van Wyck Homestead Museum 504 Route 9, Fishkill, NY

Edward de Vere Garden

"My passion and respect for the past sparks an urgency to preserve and restore what we can to pass along for the future."r paragraph here.