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"At last, a book about gardening that's chocked full of what so many others lack - great, practical, and useful information. Barbara's knowledge and enthusiasm ooze like sap from a spring-pruned maple. Garden Your City is expertly written for city gardeners...and suburban gardeners, and rural gardeners...and anyone, anywhere who loves to garden."

"Light-hearted. Informative .Whimsical. And fun. Garden Your City is exactly
what a gardening book should be. Gimme more, Barbara."
Paul James, Host, Gardening by the Yard, HGTV

"Barbara's book takes you on a journey of preparation and revelation. You'll come through the reading ready to grow and wonder on your own."
Craig Tufts, Chief Naturalist, National Wildlife Federation

"It's about time! This is a real 'I can do this!' book that will inspire more individual endeavors to plant trees and start gardens in cities and towns across the country!"
Patricia Pyle, Community Forestry Program Director
Parks & People Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland

"Barbara does it all! Garden Your City is not just a paean to greening every personal and public space in the inner city. It's an immensely practical guide to finding and understanding your site, whether it be a windowsill, balcony, roof, backyard or street tree pit. She misses no detail of successful plant selection and growing in a pot to a plot in a community garden or bed in a neighborhood park. Having done it all -- and inspired countless others to do likewise -- she does not minimize the challenges of creating mini-oases in a desert of steel and concrete, but she shows how meeting these challenges can be a real joy and an important contribution to better urban living."
Thomas Powell, Editor and Publisher, The Avant Gardener

"To paraphrase the popular song, if you can garden in Manhattan you can garden anywhere. Barbara Feldt shares great insights about how and, most importantly, where to garden in city neighborhoods -- insights based on her remarkable record of leading successful greening and gardening efforts in some of New York's densest communities."
Andy Stone, Director, NYC Program, Trust for Public Land

"People call all the time and ask the questions this book answers!"
Selina Rossiter, Community Gardens Coordinator,
Denver Botanic Gardens

"This book is a tool for everyone who cares about the health of their city. It is a gardening bible that smoothly organizes an impressive variety of approaches, resources, and insights. And it is the cumulative field notes (along with well-drawn conclusions) of a woman with decades of in-the-field volunteer work and environmental activism."
Adrian Benepe, Commissioner,
                       City of New York, Department of Parks & Recreation

"Garden Your City is a welcome addition to the library of beginner and experienced gardeners alike.  It combines Barbara Feldt's wit and spirituality with her common sense of community gardening, and will help you take the edge off of urban living."
Gerard Lordahl, American Community Gardening Association
Over 450 members of over 360,000 community gardens.

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[She] has tapped the wisdom of urban gardeners from San Francisco to Boston, and [she] includes her tips and quotes in this invaluable manual.  GARDEN YOUR CITY speaks to anyone who seeks to bring greenery to limited spaces or who wishes to improve their building, street, park, school, or neighborhood. It will inspire and empower the inexperienced gardener who lives on a fourteenth floor in Chicago, the expert roof gardener in Seattle, the civic-minded green thumb
who envisions red geraniums under the neighborhood street trees, and the
yardless urbanite who dreams of fresh vegetables from a community plot. 

GARDEN YOUR CITY is your how-to guide for gardening opportunities in and around
your home and community - whether right out the front door or in your local park.

Never take life's gifts for granted - that's goes triple for any public gardening project.

A lack of obvious open space to garden lends itself to increased creativity
and enjoyment of where plants can thrive. No matter where you live,
there are places just waiting for you to make a real difference.