Barbara Hobens 

Raised in Demarest, NJ; graduated from Northern Valley Regional High School.

B.A. from Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY 

The Clinton Community Garden - active member of the Steering Committee. Developed Garden Plot Rules, wrote grants for custom bulletin board, copper pipe irrigation system, "Living Fence" and gates to safeguard 108 gardens, and desktop published the newsletter and The Clinton Community Garden Cookbook co-developed and authored with Patricia Berger. 

Manhattan Botanical Garden, Founder and Director
Main garden on Pier 84 with over 40 satellite gardens - 1995 – 2006 (11 years)

Author, Garden Your City
Definitive book on how-to and where-to garden for anyone who lives in an urban environment.Book Launch, Smith & Hawkin, SoHo

SIGNINGS - Borders and Barnes & Noble in New York and Chicago, Hudson Valley Festival. Marshall Fields, Lord & Taylor

FEATURED AUTHOR - The New York Times' Great Read in the Park - Bryant Park 

INVITED SPEAKER - NYC Parks & Recreation, Philipstown Garden Club, The Highland Garden Club of Cold Spring. Clermont, State Historic Site,  Frederick W. Vanderbilt Garden Association 

CORPORATIONS - Trust for Public Land, ING, NYC Comptroller's Office 

HOSTED: Volunteer Gardeners in NYC Parks Appreciation Party on the roof of New York City Parks & Recreation Headquarters,  The Arsenal, Central Park

Tarn Farm LLC - Landscape Gardener - coach, design & installation  2008 – 2014
Garrison & Cold Spring, NY   Tarn Farm - Certified New York State nursery specializing in growing deer-resistant, edible landscape/garden plants for clients and restaurants

Topics: Gardening, Landscaping, Deer and Local Wildlife, History, the Real Shakespeare
From Thomas Jefferson's vegetable garden at Monticello (Sept., 2013 Heritage Harvest Festival) to The Philadelphia International Flower Show for 5 consecutive years, lectures include garden clubs, horticultural societies, garden coaching seminars, and garden events.

Gardening with Bambi & Other Visitors
Green Up Your Home & Town - Beauty & Benefits
Garden Your City: How-To & Where-To
Bringing Genealogy, History and/or Travel Treasurers to Your Garden
100 Ways to Jazz Up Your Garden
12 Months of Wisdom - Anna B. Warner, America's Gardening Pioneer

Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot - Vice President
January 2012 – resigned December 2012
Actively involved in local preservation, in "January 2012, Ms. Hobens was voted to the FOFSD Board of Trustees and selected to serve as Vice President for a one year term."


Barbara's rewarding professional career includes positions in publishing, personnel, and sales that led to a desktop publishing and resume business in Manhattan. She co-wrote The Clinton Community Garden Cookbook and authored Garden Your City (2005) and wrote Philipstown Gardens!, a Q. & A. gardening column. Her skills as a community activist were demostrated with Friends of Pier 84. She wrote grants, designed and installed the Concept Garden for the Hudson River Park Trust in 2006 and lobbied for legislation that created the Hudson River Park.

A Founding member of Manitoga's Woodland Landscape Council, Barbara created "History Rode" to foster roadside beautification, and was commissioned to design the "World Garden" for the International Social Justice Commission (Salvation Army) in New York City. 

She was certified by the Quality Deer Management Association as a Deer Steward in 2010.

National Wildlife Federation
Backyard and roof gardens at Manhattan residence was featured in a Certified Wildlife Habitat video. Completed an intensive course as a National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward Host. September 19, 2011.

On a personal note, Barbara takes inspiration from one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. Her favorite places to visit include Bermuda. London, and the Yorkshire Dales. 

Woodland Landscape CouncilManitoga, Garrison, NY
2006 – 2011 (5 years)
The Woodland Landscape Council, including landscape professionals from across the country, was launched in 2007 to assist Manitoga to explore and address the challenges of restoring Russel Wright's extensive landscape design, including threats from hemlock blight and deer infestation.

Tarn Farm, Garrison, NY
Certified New York State nursery specializing in growing deer-resistant, edible landscape/garden plants..

Garden & Design Coaching
Dubbed "the land whisperer" by a local client, Barbara considers the desires of the client with the ecology of the whole property to pinpoint optimum sites for specific edible and visual gardens saving money, time, and aggravation. As an urban gardening and wildlife design specialist, she shares her Naturescaping & Forestscaping techniques to teach gardening skills and how to select plants and be guided by design principals for clients to know how to formulate future seasonal plans.

Blogs & Facebook Pages
Deer management and herb blogs have morphed to specific Facebook pages.

Garden Coaching
Private clients - residential, commercial, not-for-profit, school garden consultations
Offered "Ghost Designer" (client paid more for taking full credit), gave 
After-School Enrichment course: "I Can Garden," held Workshops, gave tours of private gardens, and took clients on nursery buying trips.

Whole Space Garden Design & Coaching
Offered at Many Light Hands, Cold Spring, NY Learn the skills and know-how to design, plant, and maintain an organic garden and landscape. Grow vegetables and flowers to enjoy varieties and ensure quality.

Custom sessions may include learning how to shop at nurseries and on the Internet, plants that deer won’t bother, theme gardens, attracting wildlife, and feng shui in the garden. Enjoy "stay-cations" & add equity! Bring photos, property surveys, and your desires. Individual, couple, and group sessions by appointment; discounts for series & public gardening projects. On-site consultations and local nursery trips (yes, discounts!) arranged.

What else you should know about me:
Organic gardening methods only since I'm an Eastern Bluebird fanatic! 
No and low-budget garden design ideas a specialty.
Great lawn reduction (not total removal) ideas.
Featured on HGTV: two episodes of Paul James' Gardening By the Yard
    about roof gardens and about hillside gardening.
Enjoy speaking to large crows and on live televison - - a 20/20 "knee-to-knee" interview     by Barbara Walters rendered me fearless for television appearances and lectures.
Lectured for 5th consecutive years at The Philadelphia Flower Show.

Designed and installed stone garden labyrinths after being inspired at Newgrange in             Ireland and Stonehenge in England.

Barbara Hobens